Boise, ID

 Destination: Treefort Music Festival / Location: Boise, Idaho / Cost: $30+

We've been asked by some of our readers about the music scene in Boise. I would say it's small compared to other cities, but it is definitely growing! Boise is such a chill place to live and has been known for being a great place to raise families, but in recent years it is growing in popularity for young up-and-coming artists too. The Treefort Music Fest provides the opportunity for Boise to host national and regional music scenes, while also showcasing local and upcoming talent. 

Every year we look forward to the Treefort Music Festival. It goes from March 20-23rd in downtown Boise. Tickets for a single day range from $30-$69, and general admission 4 day passes cost $139. With the cheapest pass you get to see bands play on the main stage, but with the other passes you get to enjoy all the venues over the span of the festival. The Treefort Music Fest is sponsored by local businesses and volunteers, and would not exist without the support of our community. 

Aside from the music, there are tons of local food vendors and talent including belly dancers, pole dancers [close your eyes children], and artists--there really are activities for everyone even if it is just people watching. I always love to walk around the streets and browse the thrift store trucks and see if I can snag any good records. What a great way to spend the weekend! Hope you can make it next year!
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2 comments on LOVE YOUR CITY - BOISE

  1. My family and I are moving back in August. This post just built up my excitement to move back to Boise even more.


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