It can be hard sometimes to keep your skin's healthy glow while traveling, especially in cold and dry places that make your skin itch or hot and tropical places where your skin needs the most protection. We have experimented with a few different products to help you know what to pack.

Previse Skincare is an all natural, eco-friendly customized skin care line that is perfect for travel. They provide a full line of products that contain natural ingredients that are beneficial for your entire body. It only takes a few minutes to complete their three step skincare regiment, perfect for when you're on the go. Another great bonus! They're all carry-on travel size!

Step 1.0 Purify- Replace your current cleanser with Previse Purify

Mmmm! So refreshing! I love washing my face with Previse because it's so natural and organic. You can totally FEEL the difference (and smell!) If your skin is still suffering from the Winter blues, dry and irritated, or maybe you got a little too much sun over the weekend - Previse Purify is mild and gentle on the skin, and also relieving. The wash is made with essential oils designed to relax and calm, washing away your anxiety and stress from a busy day traveling and commuting.

Step 2.0 Nutrify- Nourish your skin with Nutrify

Wow! From the second I dropped this onto my skin and gently rubbed it in I was amazed at how soft my skin immediately felt. I wasn't sure how much to use since it is in a droplet form, but I found a little went a long way. This moisturizer is perfect for tough skin places like your knuckles, knees, and elbows, but can be used all over. The smell was very mild if anything at all. I also have very sensitive skin so I am wary of the products I use to avoid rash breakouts, but I found no such problems with Previse Nutrify. It didn't leave my skin crying for more at the end of the day either [like some typical lotions do] because it helps promote new cell growth.

Step 3.0 Defend- Prevent skin damage and protect from sun exposure

As I've grown older, I've realized more and more the importance of sunscreen and preventing pre-mature age spots. Having lived in a tropical place and currently living beachside, I've put this to use daily and find comfort knowing my skin is protected. I apply step 3.0 right before putting on my make up. Its a nice little serum that absorbs beautifully into the skin without leaving any oily or greasy residue. Additionally, when I decide to go to the beach or hang out poolside, I bag the make up and go straight for the SPF 25. It contains zinc oxide, so does leave a slight white appearance, but it protects just the perfect amount that you won't get burnt but you will still go home feeling sun kissed.

Previse found a simple way to keep your skin healthy while traveling so you don't have to lug around big bottles of sun screen or lotion. We love a good product that will easily fit into our toiletry bags and enhances our natural beauty on the days where make-up and hair straightening is just not gonna happen. To learn more about Previse Skincare and to find your perfect skincare regiment check out their site here, your skin will thank you later!
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  1. i've been on a holistic craze lately so i'm into natural and organic things right now. going to check them out!


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