You know those moments when you see something that was a part of your childhood that you have long forgotten, then suddenly in a whirlwind of memories it comes to the front of your mind like it was yesterday? So much in fact, that you remember every last detail of that item almost like it was your childhood muse. Well, this photo did that for me today.

I remember these stuffed animals and how much we each loved them. I (triplet #2, Lisa), would carry around my koala bear everywhere I went. It's nose grew a tear and began losing it's cotton so I could push it in like a button! Kylie with her gray poodle, and Megan with her white, sometimes left me feeling sad that I didn't have a black triplet pup. But mom reminded me that we were each special and the koala was made for me. Most likely it only came in two colors, but hey, I like the way my mom put it better :). I love memories like this. I love being a triplet.

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1 comments on FREAKY FRIDAY

  1. i used to really want to be a twin, but no joy!!


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