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 Activity: Tenkara fishing / Location: Boise, Idaho / Rod: ℅ Tenkara Rod Co

Being a mama doesn't have to stop you from getting outside and doing what you love, but it might slow you down. Even when you decide to do something spontaneous, you have to plan a little more and pack a little more for your little one. Since Van was a few months old I have taken him camping, on road trips, flying to visit family, fishing, skiing, to the movies, out to dinner, hiking, biking, surfing, swimming, floating down a river; the list goes on if I really sit down and think about it. The point is--NEVER STOP EXPLORING! Just because you're a parent, doesn't mean you can't do what you did before having children. If anything, BECAUSE you're a parent, you should be exploring MORE! There's always a way around the difficult parts, even if that requires taking turns.

There are so many new and interesting things for children to learn outside the comfortable walls of your home, church, shopping mall, or grocery store. Whenever I take Van camping he crawls in the dirt and plays with rocks instead of balls, he learns about the ocean and sea animals when we go to the beach, and he gets to taste new foods and see new places when we travel. There is so much we as parents are responsible for teaching our children, and I hope to accomplish those things with extra preparation and caution as my family grows. 

Make your mama travel adventures a little easier by investing in a few key products that will help keep your hands free, like my child carrier backpack. For more tips about traveling with a baby click here and don't let your motherly concerns limit your child's potential.
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  1. so cute. Looks like he is having a lot of fun.

    xo. m.


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