Los Angeles, CA

The rad thing about LA is that it is so central to everything. LA is in Southern California right on the point that the state bends on the map (see here). We get the best of all worlds living in Los Angeles. Please note due to our horrific traffic, time never really is what it seems but really truly, you get used to it and when planned accordingly you won't even think twice of driving time because it's so worth the destinations! 

1. City
We're surrounded by it, and you don't have to drive any length of time to get to it but there are so many options depending on what mood you're in. The Promenade in Santa Monica is fun for great outdoor shopping right by the beach for a coastal city vibe, and downtown LA gives you a taste of New York, while smaller neighborhoods like Los Feliz and Echo Park have their own hip charms. The Universal City Walk is a hot spot for movies, games, restaurants, and all kinds of entertainment somewhat reminiscent of the Las Vegas strip. 

2. High Desert
Raise your hand if you love cowboy movies. We love the high desert! It's so desolate and awesome with the biggest sky and brightest stars! Just a jaunt away you can get completely out of the city and enjoy these kinds of views. It's so starkly different - with blown out colors and rock formations, it just epitomizes road trip adventures. 

3. Mountains 
People. We have SNOW for heaven's sake. And we only gotta drive an hour to get to it! How rad is that?! AND there are several ski resorts within an hour give or take drive (Mammoth, Big Bear, Mt. Baldy). One minute you're looking at palm trees and sunny 70 degrees, and within an hour you're in a Winter Wonderland wearing your puffy coats and warmest beanies, with sleds, tubes, snowboards and skis in the car. 

4. Beach
What's California without its beaches and happy palm trees? They're awesome and there's a lot of them, and within a 45 minute radius of LA you can hit up just about anything from overcrowded to thinned out beaches to the piers for parties and piers for romantic walks on the beach with your honey heart. 

LA is a mecca that can be home to just about anyone. It's such a diverse and widespread city, and freaking HUMONGOUS. Although for some it may take time to fall in love with (like me for example), once you have you're pretty convinced it's just about as cool as it gets for those who want it all.  Los Angeles, according to LA Times, has 16 regions, 158 cities and 114 neighborhoods over the span of 4,000 square miles from the high desert to the coast! That's insane! Are you mind blown yet?!

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  1. You have definitely captured why I love LA so much. There is so much to do here, and it doesn't hurt that the weather is always perfect. It is a shame that the bad reputation of a select few (the vain side of LA) continue to bring LA down! :)

  2. i really want to visit - i've never been and love america and american fiction so i feel like i know LA already!


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