Boise, ID

One of my favorite things about living in Boise is how the city overlaps with the outdoors. The Boise River runs through the city and is surrounded by trails and recreation parks. You can fish during your lunch break, ride your bike along the green belt, or take a short 30 minute drive to ski or snowboard at Bogus Basin. There are mountains of trails to explore known to locals as the Boise Foothills; perfect for mountain biking, hiking, or trail running. My personal favorite thing about Boise is the river park, as mentioned here. We recently moved into our first home that is located right next to the surf wave and as I look out my office window to type this I have a majestic view of the mountains.

My baby boy, Van, just turned one. We wanted to do something special for his birthday, but he is after all just a baby so we kept it simple and wanted to share his big day with just the three of us and Jimmy. After destroying his birthday cake we went for a hike in the Boise foothills. Van loves to be outside so we tossed him in our handy thrift store tote and made the best of it.

I have lived in Boise three years now, and the more I get to know my city the more I grow to love it. It feels good to have some breathing room, things to do, great shopping, and family nearby. Boise is growing so much and just keeps getting better. More and more people are moving here because it is affordable to live and a great place to work and raise families. Home is after all, what you make it.
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  1. ohhhhh my heck. Those cheeks!!!!! I need to see more pictures.

    xx Lauryn


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