Los Angeles, CA

What we're really thinking is how we are all about to puke from nerves...

Here you go Doctors, we're ready for ya! Looking very triplet-esque per request of the producer, we took our nervous selves to the most beautiful and chic cottage inspired space, Ken Paves Salon, in Beverly Hills for a makeover. Today is the day our television episode airs! The suspense of waiting to see our hair reveal is finally over!

Ken and his colorists Lisa, Christina, and Ana did an absolutely amazing job at making us feel and look beautiful, inside and out. We couldn't have asked for a better and more fun experience. We seriously had a great time and loved developing friendships with the people who worked on our crazy natural curly manes. They made us feel gorgeous and grateful for our unique hair and gave us tips on how to better manage and care for it. 

Ken sure did prove his point on the show: any woman can pull off any look and color she wants as long as it's done in the right tone. It was an opportunity to be brave and try something new, and if you've been contemplating chopping your locks or getting a drastic color change, go for it, because you are beautiful! If you knew how afraid we were of this whole experience you would laugh your heads off. Our hair was in good hands and we feel so lucky to have been a part of this and hope to inspire women everywhere to embrace their inner beauty and express it outwardly with a gorgeous fresh look!


 Long all natural colored hair with long side swoop bangs.


Long natural to golden ombre with lots of layers and medium length bangs.


Long and thick dark darker colored hair with peekaboo lowlights and short side swoop bangs. 

And there you have it, the before shots! We walked in looking like clones and walked out looking like individuals with actual hair styles! Absolutely incredible the difference hair makes on the way you can look.

Stay tuned, we will post after pictures soon along with personal tid bits of the whole experience. Thank you for all your kind words and support through this crazy exciting journey with us. We appreciate our readers and the love you share with us.

Watch our episode here!

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  1. i'm excited to watch! :) :) :)

  2. Cannot wait!

    xo, rn

  3. I'm so excited to see your new looks! You girls are so gorgeous!

  4. holly camolly!!! I love all of your hair styles!!! they seriously did an amazing job!!!

  5. loved watching you on the doctors! You all look so beautiful (before and after)! I bet that was sucha fun experience!


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