The cool thing about living in Southern California is there is always something rad going on. I married a boy that really loves motocross and follows it religiously. Not only motocross, but surfing, skating, snowboarding---pretty much all of it. I find myself talking in Australian accents and seeing how many riders I can name for fun (hah). About a month ago we were able to attend the Monster Energy Supercross race in San Diego. The races are so fun and I encourage anyone that is interested in that type of thing to tune in and see if any events are ever taking place near you. They are always worth it and definitely make for a fun date night!

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2 comments on AMA SUPERCROSS

  1. where was this exactly? because i bet it wasn't REALLY LA haha

    1. whwerever the Qualcomm is. i actually think thats SD haha OOPS


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