Solana Beach, CA

ACTIVITY: Hike DESTINATION: Mushroom Caves LOCATION: Solana Beach, California

It was a Saturday morning and my husband Chase and I were itching for an adventure. We drove a quick 15 minutes or so from our home to a place we had googled for a quick hike, the Mushroom Caves. It was an easy trail to find, running along the San Elijo Lagoon Ecological Reserve

It was a hot and dry day, but fun to see the pretty wetlands and lots of birds. It's also a great trail to run for all you trail runners out there (before you hit the sandstone of course). After about 30 or so minutes there is a path that branches to the right (the water will be on your left and the ocean behind you). That's where you head and you will see a tree overhanging the pathway with a sign that says no trespassing. Of course, no trespassing signs always mean good hike ahead, so hike at your own risk. Continue along that path and follow the painted aarows on the rock formations. It will take you through narrow and sandy rock walls and eventually lead you to the tippy top marked by a colored stump. That is where you will get a beautiful view of San Diego with the ocean on your left and the freeway on your right.

Be aware that some parts are steep and slippery, so please be careful! You are hiking on a lot of sand so come prepared with shoes with great traction and perhaps a water bottle and quick snack. If you have a camera, take a small hand held or just use your phone. I had my SLR and not going to lie, it was annoying to carry on this hike. Also, please be respectful of nature and all it's beauty. These pictures aren't even close to capturing it's true magic. See more HERE. I was rather disappointed seeing all the awful and vulgar grafitti and shinanigans people were doing up there. It is a place for the adventuring soul, so please do your best to respect that and mother nature will thank you. Here at Traveling Triplets we do our best to uphold that love and respect for nature and exploring, and encourage our readers to do so as well. We know how great and wonderful you are and appreciate that. Thank you friends. Now go on a new hike this weekend :)!

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  1. I lived in San Diego for 3 years and I can't believe I missed this place! I'll have to go back on a day trip. Thanks for sharing!


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