As I was driving home from the airport at the wee hour of 5 am this morning, it dawned on me. I'm always interested in hearing why people love where they live - and what they love so much about it. With a serious case of wanderlust, I always seem to be on the move and looking for new adventure around every corner.  I get restless for change. I want to know what makes a city home, and how people find themselves content where they are. After pondering all the things other people seem to love about where they live, it dawned on me - what do I love about where I live?

That's where my new idea was born. A series I've entitled, "Love Your City." A fresh perspective that invites each and every one of us to think about where we live, and to identify those uniquely local things we love about it. It can be anything and everything, big and small and even weird. I want this blog to be a place where we not only explore the world, but our own back yards as well. It seems like a great way to inspire our travel bug both at home and abroad.
Each week(or bi-weekly) when we post for this series, we will switch off who you hear from. We want to focus on where we are right now and why we love it to keep the inspiration flowing. So often we have so much to be inspired by right outside our front doors. Whether it's places we love to go, things we love to do, or food we love to eat - we want to share that here in a way that honors the cities we live in.
I think this series is a great way to keep exploring our own communities and also to encourage you to do the same where you live - we'd love to hear about your love for your city in the comments below!

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  1. Would you guys be interested in guest posts at all?

  2. I love this idea and I also echo Sweet Love and Ginger above. Guest posts and/or a linkup would add a whole new dimension to it.

  3. What a great idea for a series! I love my city and love when other people are passionate about their own:)

  4. What a great idea! I have many reasons why I love Salt Lake City, but my favorite is for the outdoors. The hikes are to die for!

    xx Laur

  5. I also think it would be a great idea to expand the series to include "guest" cities. I am always curious about the inside knowledge from locals when I travel places.

  6. Lovelly photos!! I also love the city where I live... Valencia in Spain...

    but love more the city where I've born, Funchal in Portugal


  7. fun! excited to see the series! I'm loving living in Calgary, AB. So close to the rocky mountains, and we get to go explore outdoors a lot!

  8. I love this idea! As a person that has moved 13 times in 5 years I get that travel itch to explore new places. But we have really settled in to Atlanta and don't intend on leaving. I love the trees, the mild winter, the early spring, the food (oh my goodness the food, the greatest restaurants I've eaten in). I love the people. They call Atlanta "the Empire State of the south" and it truly is. People move here from all over giving it the unique NYC feel on a much smaller scale. I love that people here are so active, tons of walking and biking trails. I love peaches! I love that the cost of living is low but the quality of what you get is high. We love Atlanta!

  9. great idea! looking forward to the series!!


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