La Jolla Cove, CA

Activity: Ocean Kayaking // Location: La Jolla Cove // Kayak Rental: La Jolla Kayak 

Ok, this was AWESOME! Every Saturday Chase and I have a goal of going on a new adventure. There is so much to do in California, and since my husband grew up here and all he has a lot to show me! When he asked me what we should do on Saturday, I immediately thought of La Jolla! So off we went for some ocean kayaking. Don't forget your water camera or go pro. I had to use my phone with a waterproof case, so don't mind the quality of the photos :).

We decided to rent at La Jolla Kayak because my brother in law's friends work there. It was seriously a five minute walk from the beach, not bad! The service was super friendly and quick which was really nice. They provide you with a life vest, paddle, and kayak and  do all the loading and unloading for you. You just show up at the beach and have the kayak for up to two hours. The kayaks are easy to handle and so fun being that close to the water's surface. It's like you're one with the ocean!

The beauty of La Jolla is all the sea life you get to see. Near the beach where it's shallow is loaded with leopard sharks. It was awesome watching them swim everywhere below you and they weren't scary at all, so don't be afraid! They are easily identified by their leopard like spots. We also saw tons of seals and one even swam up to our canoe to say hello! Near the cove is a great place for snorkeling and I couldn't believe how many swimmers and scuba divers I was seeing. The waters are full of tall eerie kelp which to me is still scary (hah). Not to mention, where there are seals there are surely sharks! But, everyone was enjoying the water with no fear and it went great. Made me realize I have no need to fret. So say hello to the seals and explore the beautiful caves along the cove. They are mind blowing. And don't forget to look below to see California's state fish glistening from below. The Garibaldi is bright orange so you're sure to see it! If you go on a sunny day you are sure to see through the water better, or a glassy day like we had makes for perfect and safe navigating. Enjoy!

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4 comments on LA JOLLA COVE

  1. Looks like great fun! I love the idea of doing a new adventure every Saturday. Great way to see the city you live in as there is usually so much to do where you live but most poeple will never open their eyes and see it.
    Anita Hendrieka

  2. perfect place! nice plan!

  3. The photos turned out great! I went to UCSD for 3 years and La Jolla is such a gem. Ocean kayaking is a great adventure and I can't believe I only did it once!

  4. I love La Jolla - one of my favorite places on earth! The Cottage is a yummy place to eat too!

    ashley @


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