O‘ahu, Hawaii

Aloha Friday. It's a way of life on the islands. It's as real as it sounds, full of all good things. People are happier on Fridays. Everyone takes that extra 15 minutes for their lunch breaks. Heck, places close earlier and your boss will leave work at two with not an ounce of guilt. So kick back, relax, eat some yummy food, and remember the weekend has arrived. Wherever you may be, let the good vibes roll. Wishing you a happy and very ALOHA filled Friday my friends.

*Sorry but not sorry for the picture overload. It was starting to fill like a tumblr up in hurrrr ;)

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3 comments on HAPPY ALOHA FRIDAY

  1. Oh my wordy - your pictures are beautiful!!! Looks like you're having an absolute blast. :)
    Hannah xx

  2. beautiful photos! aloha friday sounds like my perfect kind of day ;)

  3. ohhhmmyygosh! These photos are incredible, they put a huge smile of my face as I was scrolling through! I can only imagine the amazing memories you guys must be making :)

    Memoirs of a Pilgrim


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