Just a little teaser for ya of the big hair reveal! Ky is such a babe, and I can say that now because we really do look so different with our new looks!

We finally found out when our episode is airing our hair makeovers with celebrity stylist, Ken Paves! Tune in to The Doctors TV show on March 7th! That's next Friday! Check your local area HERE for the exact time because it is different depending on where you live. We are anxiously anticipating slash dreading how we "performed" on our first TV debut, so bear with us--at least our hair looked amazing! Ken works true hair magic. [We love you Ken!]
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1 comments on FREAKY FRIDAY

  1. well we were on that commercial with mom as babies :) haha. so second tv debut, technically ;). I'm deathly afraid and watching it and think ill throw up with anxiety. oh my gosh I'm a mess. remember how scared i was? haha yikes. pray it didn't show.


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