2013 was an amazing year for us! It brought many adventures that we have loved sharing with you here on this blog. We each feel so blessed with our lives thus far and hope to keep on embracing the good and sharing tid bits along the way. Here's to 2013's best moments!

To kick off a new year Megan HAD A BABY! So wonderful. I spent a week in Mexico lounging and exploring while the boys surfed the big waves and Kylie showed me the ins and outs of LA.

In February, being the month of love and all, we decided to make a video. Then Kylie took these AMAZING pictures while camping the California coast, while I checked out the Volcom Pipe Pro and Megan was busy introducing me to her brand new baby as I helped her move into a new house.

All good things happen in March. Such as dreaming of where to go for spring break, which Megan did happily (well deserved from a new mama). Kylie was busy finding constellations and taking the most gorgeous photos (which are available for purchase) of a starry night at Joshua Tree and I was hiking' it up in Oahu.

April was a fun month. My parents visited me in Hawaii and stayed at the most awesome beach hut on the North Shore. Kylie was busy preparing for her trip to film in Haiti and Megan was learning what it was like to eat out with a baby. Fun times.

 Kylie got to spend 24 hours in New York then shortly after hopped on a plane to Hawaii to visit me for our birthday! All the while we were missing Megan every second as she was busy with her new baby and being a cute mommy. Either way, we each celebrated our Golden Birthday, 25 on the 25th!

In June Kylie and I were busy frolicking around Hawaii's beaches getting super tan and eating delicious crepes. Since we love food so much and Ky is so awesome at making videos, she went ahead and made a fun video of a delicious meal to eat while camping. You're welcome. And lets not forget. Meg mastered the art of road tripping with a baby

Summer is the best time of year, so of course we spent it outside as much as possible. Kylie and I enjoyed exploring Spitting Caves and jumping off a fair amount of cliffs. Kylie also shared how to pack to move abroad, incredibly helpful. And our Megs took a beautiful and much needed road trip to our family cabin in Cascade. What a treat!

I spent my sunny days underwater, falling in love with the art of "shelling". Kylie spread the good word of an awesome sandal from Rope Souls and Megan was busy promoting her business at a trade show in Vegas, which got her into many awesome stores including Anthropologie and Free People. Amazing.

DAY DREAMING oh wait THIS IS REAL. Kylie reminisced about her wonderful summer living in Hawaii while Meg was sure to document her many fun "van ventures" and I shared a tidbit about our trip to the Oregon Coast.

October was cool. We love the fall and the change of the leaves (for those of us who have seasons). I beach hopped and dove into beautiful tide pools (i know), Kylie made the most dreamy Hawaii video in all the land, and Megan made a stellar beginner's camp guide and went to the cutest corn maze. Oh and don't worry. We all dressed up for Halloween.

What a beautiful month this was in Idaho. Kylie got to visit Megan and explore the beautiful rivers fishing with the Hollenbacks. Megan and Drew were sure to teach her the ancient art of fishing with Tenkara. Kylie also began sharing her touching and beautiful videos of her stay in Haiti, while I was lucky enough to meet one of our readers in Hawaii!

OUR FAVORITE MONTH! Christmas was nearing but before the holidays got too crazy, I moved from my aina home on Oahu back to the mainland and now reside in Southern California. I had to soak up the beautiful island days before they ended. Back in Idaho Meg was attending all the Christmas events she could, patiently awaiting the arrival of Kylie and I. And Kylie was able to squeeze in a quick weekend getaway cruise to Mexico

Shortly following, we all three met up in Idaho for Christmas and enjoyed a solid 3-4 weeks together! 2014, we are ready for ya!

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5 comments on 2013 IN REVIEW

  1. What an awesome year for all of you! Hope 2014 brings even more great things!

  2. looks like you had a really nice year, my best wishes for all of you in 2014

  3. What a wonderful year! So much love.

  4. Is shelling exactly what it sounds like? I imagine its just you swimming and collecting shells, but perhaps it is something unexpected that I should be doing?!

    ... and, of course your photos are just amazing. I can't wait to see your images in 2014!
    -Britney at focusonthegood.io

    1. yep it involves a lot of diving and snorkeling, i love it!! if you live in a coastal place with good shells def go give it a try!


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