With Christmas travels beginning this weekend, traveling for the holidays is obviously on our minds! We are all so excited for this special time of year where we reunite with our families to celebrate Christ's birth and all that goes along with this wonderful season of celebration.

After doing some research on traveling during the holidays, we came up with a list of some of the cheapest Christmas destinations as well as when is the best time to travel. (Christmas in the UK, anyone?) We do, after all, like to avoid overpriced airfare and traffic jams! Here's the breakdown for planning your holiday getaway!

The cheapest holiday destinations are usually those cities with higher populations. Lots of flights means lots of competition, which can work to your advantage! We've compiled a list below for you!

Cheapest Christmas Destinations


Who knew?! Airlines from all over the world fly into Boston and with low-cost carriers like JetBlue, Southwest, and Spirit Airlines you're bound to find something within your budget.


Planning some skiing this holiday break? Colorado is the place to be and with choice resorts and some of the best powder there are plenty of airlines to choose from with both low-cost carriers and larger airlines that will match prices to get you where you want to be.

Los Angeles

We have so many airports here including Burbank, LAX, Long Beach and Santa Ana that you have multiple options on cheapest flights into LA. I prefer Burbank, as it is such a small airport and right in my neighborhood. The airlines are smaller (like Alaska) with smaller planes and less crowds. Angelina Jolie favors this airport as well, and celeb spotting is not unusual!

Remember - travel prices jump in mid December so the best prices are found the first week of December. If you're booking a last minute getaway, your odds at better prices are relatively cheaper when traveling on Christmas Day or New Years Day. If that doesn't work for you, Christmas Eve or New Years Eve are still cheaper than weekends.

Tip: use only carry on luggage to avoid checked bag fees! Connecting flights are always a good method to save money as well (direct flights always cost more).

Dates to avoid travel: Dec. 21, 22, 27, 28, 29, and Jan. 4 and 5

Weekends are the worst time to travel, so if you can avoid it - your wallet will thank you! I usually try to fly on Tuesdays or Thursdays if I can. Since I'll be driving home for Christmas (hello 15 hour road trip!) I'll be sure to head out before the weekend rush.

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