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Destination: The Grove / Location: Los Angeles / Activity: Christmas tree lighting and SNOW!

Living in the City of Angels is cool and all, but there's no dang snow! So when the holidays come rolling around we don't have that picturesque white Christmas we keep singing songs about. We really do only get a white Christmas in our dreams... sigh!

That is, until the Grove in La Brea got the brilliant idea to put on a snow show for us! Every night at 7 o'clock and 8 o'clock they blast "Let it Snow" and dump snow until the song is over, and it's a magical moment where couples dip and kiss and let the snow fall on their faces and kids start dancing around the gigantic Christmas tree. I was even catching the fake snowflakes on my tongue when I realized it's soap bubbles, so don't eat it! :)

During Christmastime the Grove is your ultimate entertainment destination. There are stages with live performers, including dancers and musicians!, and the cobblestone streets are spread with tiny bands dressed up in Nutcracker outfits playing Christmas carols on their horns. There's a GIGANTIC Santa house where you can meet the jolly jovial idol of children all around the world, and once in while you'll have to jump out of the street as the trolley zips by. 

It's such a fun place to be during the holidays, and window displays are all decked out in Christmas and carols blast through the speakers while you shop and eat or even catch a movie at the theatre. The best place to warm up with some hot chocolate is Haagen Dazs, I was mind blown at how creamy and chocoaltey it was! Enjoy the LA night air with the lights all aglow and your best friend in tote. 

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3 comments on THE GROVE - LOS ANGELES

  1. aww that sounds cute. We had the real thing here just a few days ago! Love the idea of cobblestone and bands playing carols. They've turned it into a little Christmas village.

  2. How fun! I will definitely have to check it out! I guess the Grove is our version of a Christmas market. :) I really wish we had the real thing though!


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