Waimea Bay, HI

 Activity: Eddie Aikau Opening Ceremonies // Location: Waimea Bay, North Shore of Oahu

Have you ever heard the story of Eddie Aikau? If you haven't, I highly encourage you to educate yourself. Especially if you are a surfer. This man was an amazing waterman, lifeguard, and big wave surfer. When he was 31 he went on a Hawaiian voyage via an ancient canoe, and the canoe got a leak. In effort to find help for his crew, Eddie paddled out on his surf board towards the island of Lanai. Later, the people on the canoe were found and saved, while Eddie was lost at sea. He died trying to help others, just as he always did. His legacy lives on through the Hawaiian people and locals who share his story or knew him personally. I read a book about his life when I was in a surf class at BYU-Hawaii, Eddie Would Go. Definitely a good read I encourage you to check out. Your view and understanding on surfing will grow far deeper than just a fun activity.

The Eddie Opening Ceremonies takes place every December at Waimea Bay. It is a celebration of Eddie's life and big wave surf legends. If you want to learn more, please check out this website HERE. Between December 1st and February 28th they will hold the waiting period for a contest that will only be run if the waves top 40 foot faces. HUGE I tell you, it's absolutely amazing. The last one was held in 2009. So who knows, maybe 2014 will bring in the big guys! 

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  1. Nice story. That lost photo is amazing!

  2. I surfed for a few years while living in San Diego. These pictures really bring me back. Beautiful story by the way, I have to read into it.

    1. i just moved to encinitas (lisa). so no more hawaii for us :( but we will be sure to visit. we miss the island so much! hope you get some fun surf in somewhere soon :)


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