Boise, ID

This holiday season, people lined the streets of downtown Boise for the parade and opportunity to give toys to the Salvation Army. It was cold outside, but so fun to sit on the sidewalk snuggled in blankets. Van loved watching the floats pass by and would clap at each one. It was sort of perfect.
Be sure to check out the local events in your area. There seems to always be a holiday parade, Christmas tree lighting, and fun activities like that to boost your Christmas spirit. I hope to get more involved in my community since I will call Boise home for a while. To find out what's going on near you--watch the news, read the newspaper, search online, or even check your social media outlets! I have found several fun things to do through Instagram. Hopefully this will give you more options to enjoy your holiday season!
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  1. Great Post! My home town has a holiday flotilla which is a parade of boats on our local waterway! The more the merrier! Local officials work so hard on community events and it is very important to take advantage of them. They are my 2 favorite f words. FUN AND FREE. Merry Christmas-- HayUp

  2. The local town sites are always helpful, too, with local events. Many even have Facebook pages. Cute photos! Love Van's outfit.

  3. i always look forward to seeing photos of little van! he is so cute and growing up even more adorable every day!

  4. Great post! It looks like a lovely event. Here in Argentina we are enjoying the nice summer weather.


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