This is our French grandma, we call her me'me'. She just got back from a river tour in France! How amazing does that sound? They traveled in a tour boat downstream from Paris to Southern France. As you can imagine they visited several historical sites and learned how wine is made. It was so fun hearing about her trip. She had a wonderful time being a tourist for the first time in her home country.

When I asked me'me' if she took any photos, she mentioned being too afraid to take out her "box" [film camera]. She did manage to get some photos that she promised to show me later. Fortunately, she traveled with friends who had "fancy" cameras to document their activities.

I loved seeing me'me' talk about France. Her face lit up as she spoke about all the delicious cuisine she ate, especially her favorite--cheese! She went on to say her favorite part about visiting France again was walking down the street and picking up bits and pieces of peoples conversations. She loved hearing children speaking to their mothers in their native tongue with French slang only a local could understand. It really is the small things that we remember most about traveling. She didn't bring home a single souvenir, and seemed to be proud of that.
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3 comments on ME'ME' IN FRANCE

  1. So great! Love this! Never too old to travel!

  2. what a cute little lady.

    xo. m.

  3. it seams a perfect trip... France north to south!! :)

    Cátia from


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