Halloween was AWESOME this year. We had guppies (Van bug, you're so cute!), sister witches, mummies, lions, butterflies and mermaids all in attendance. It was quite the Halloween, if you ask me. There's really no better way to celebrate than with a bunch of little people and family. As Meg pointed out, it's also a great way to get free candy (pawn it off on the children!)

 Now that Halloween is outta the way (sorry Halloween, but you're just not as cool as Christmas) we can all start celebrating Thanksgiving and Christmas by turning our Pandora stations to Holiday. Don't hate because we start early - we see nothing wrong with premature Christmas cheer if it makes you jolly! Happy Friday, everyone!

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3 comments on FREAKY FRIDAY

  1. Oh my gosh, overload on the cuteness! loving Vans costume. he is so so so cute. His smile is so precious!


  2. awe love all these pics, such a fun holiday. our nieces and nephews are adorable!


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