Kylie, Lisa and Megan circa 1990s in our awesomely matching headbands
I don't know about you or where you are, but baby it's getting cold outside! (Ok so I lied, I live in LA and apparently I had to put on a jacket the other day...) At least one of the triplets gets to enjoy the cooler weather as Fall slowly drags into Winter this year. We were all rockin' those muffs like nobody's business, and you better believe we wore them until we were like 8. No shame in that. By the way, Lisa's face still looks like that when she cries. 

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3 comments on FREAKY FRIDAY

  1. ha! this picture is precious. i wouldn't mind cooler weather any time now. this heat in bali is just driving me nuts. i wish i could go naked every where.

    1. haha i feel ya. its gotten real hot in hawaii lately. wait bali? AWE SUCH A DREAM my husband and i (this is lisa) wanna go there so bad to surf and hang and explore. one day, one day.


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