Meg and I made these cupcakes for a Halloween party last week, and thought they turned out really cute! We wanted something spooky but not too creepy because we don't like being scared. Hence owls. You really can't go wrong with a hooter! 

What you'll need: 

1. 1 package of Oreos
2. 1 bag of M&Ms
3. White frosting (we used store bought)

The rest of our recipe was homemade - feel free to use whatever chocolate cupcake recipe you or your family enjoys the most and then top it off with a simple chocolate frosting. Be sure to keep your frosting thin enough that you can swoop the little horns for their ears - we put too much powdered sugar in ours and the frosting was a tad too thick, but still turned out yummy. 

Meg got a little crazy and ended up stabbing a few owls. Seemed fitting for Halloween, so we dramatized it a bit and then put them out of their misery by eating them all in one bite.

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