Kahuku, HI

I love animals. And in Hawaii the two I have seen the most of (besides chickens and mongoose) are monk seals and sea turtles. In Hawaii the monk seals are protected and on the endangered species list, as are the green sea turtles. In Hawaiian, sea turtles are called honu and monk seals are called na mea hulu. They are totally my favorite. So when we run into them, we must be respectful and not get too close. They are usually protected by rope barriers. Although, those turtles are super friendly in the water and will swim right up to you like dogs, hoping to be fed some seaweed! I cannot even express how many times I've been surfing and wiped my hand right by a turtle shell, paddling with me in the waves. So amazing.

It's strange because there aren't many animals on the island that you see regularly besides the ones I have mentioned above and plenty of beautiful fish and sea life. Although, we do have dolphins (of course). I just wish I could see them more, but honestly I have only seen them once at Waimea. Once I tell you! There are some spots on the west side of the island where you can snorkel out to see them, but I have had no luck. We also get lots of whales during whale season that you can capture breaching over the horizon where the line of the sea meets the line of the sky and seems infinite. I will never forget the evening I was surfing at Turtle Bay and I saw a whale breach for the first time, fin up and everything waving hello. The sunset was glowing behind her and I took the best photo in my mind. Wish I had a camera at that moment, but that is truly something I will never forget. Oh and of course Hawaii has plenty of sharks, specifically tiger and reef sharks. If you dare, go to Haleiwa Harbor and go to the shark tank! It's on my bucket list before I leave this beautiful place. 

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