Waimanalo, HI

 Activity: Sea Life Park // Location: Waimanalo, Hawaii (Oahu) // Price: $29.99 adult, 19.99 ages 3-11

Who doesn't love watching dolphins do flips in the water? For reals, dolphins are the coolest animals ever. Since living in Hawaii sea turtles have become my fav, but sea life park changed my mind. It's a toss up between dolphins and penguins. Greatttt. What really made me want to check out this park was the movie 50 First Dates. If you haven't seen it, watch it right this instant! A lot of it was filmed here since Adam Sandler was a marine biologist. I think he really likes making movies in Hawaii (Just Go With It).

Sea Life Park is the perfect activity to do with your family. It's beautiful and full of amazing animals. They had all the sea animals you could think of, especially the big ones like sharks, sea lions, penguins, dolphins, turtles, and all types of sting rays. They even had a wholphin, yes a wholphin! In the very first picture do you see the dolphin that is a little darker gray than the others with a shorter snout? It's a mix between a killer whale and a bottled nosed dolphin, hence whole (whale) phin (dolphin). Crazy, right?!

So, if you are up for an adventure where you can get splashed by dolphins, pet turtles, dive with sharks, or swim with sea lions, this is the place for you. If anything, just go to check out that wholphin. Also, don't forget to dress for hot weather and drink plenty of water. This is the hottest side of the island so you will need to be prepared. Aloha!

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2 comments on SEA LIFE PARK

  1. It looks so much fun! It's impossible to choose your favorite animal when you go to parks like this

  2. The wholphin is him!


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