Newport, OR

 Destination: Newport Harbor // Activity: Sight seeing or crabbing // Location: Newport, OR

Newport is one of those adorable hippie towns in Oregon, right on the coast. We love it because it's full of fun shops with souvenirs and hand made trinkets. It also has yummy ice cream parlors and taffy joints. Not to mention, the beautiful pier. It's known for it's great crabbing from the docks and group of California sea lions that call this place home. The mural of Moby Dick and the beautiful bridge have made their mark on representing Newport. If you're lucky, you may be able to spot whales here during whale season. This place is definitely worth a visit and has been one of our pit spots since we were kids. Enjoy!

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2 comments on NEWPORT HARBOR

  1. how fun! love these pics, sis. that was a good day despite the drama haha

  2. The sea lions look so lazy lol


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