Waldport, OR

You may be wondering who these three fellas are. But maybe you already know? Well, these are our three older brothers. Yes, they were crabbing in Oregon (they're the most recent pics I have of each of them). No, they are not triplets. Obviously. You would be surprised how often we get asked that (hehe).

Growing up as a triplets was quite the event. Mom was a wise one and taught her three little boys to each care for one sister. She needed assistants, can you blame her? Bridger is the oldest, pictured first. He took care of Kylie. He was only 6 years old when we were born. Chase is the second oldest and he watched over me, while Jedd is the closest to our age who was only 2 when we were born. He took care of little Meggie. To this day we each hold a special bond with that brother, aside from our wonderful relationships with each of them. We just love them dearly and think they are the coolest with great personalities to add to our family dynamic.

Sometimes the sisters and I reflect on our childhood and feel bad that we may have hogged all the attention. I mean three little babies is quite the handful alongside a two, four, and six year old! Although, when we talk with our mom about it she has nothing but wonderful things to say. Our brothers were angels that were born for the part of being a brother. They were ready and willing to take on all duties necessary to care for and protect each one of us. They loved it and found joy in it. Mom said they never complained and were always happy and excited to be with us, taking charge over their sister. Something we are each forever grateful for, that eternal love. To this day, we are the best of pals when we are together, all 6 of us. Even though we live far apart and are all busy with our own lives, we never drift apart. And that always gets the tears flowin' with our mama. She sure did raise us right!

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3 comments on FREAKY FRIDAY

  1. this is so sweet. we are so blessed.

    thanks for this, leelee.


  2. Look at me...I'm on the interweb! Does this mean I get royalties?

    Thoughtful, Lis. I think you guys are pretty cool too. Thanks!

  3. How perfect, one brother for each sister! Makes me grateful for being part of a large family too.


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