It’s hard to keep up with modern technology, with seemingly every new device or invention being an e-this or an i-that but if you aren’t yet familiar with e-bikes you may be missing out.

First of all though here’s a (very brief) history lesson regarding e-bikes. E-bikes, whilst still relatively new and not particularly well-known – at least in the UK – are actually the latest incarnation of motorised bicycles, a contraption that was invented in the late 1800s and was not uncommon in the 1930s and 1940s. An e-bike is a standard bike that incorporates a small electrical motor. When engaged the motor enables the rider to easily pedal up hills that would otherwise be hard work or for stretches far longer than the rider could normally manage.

E-bikes are cleaner, lighter and make less noise than motorised bikes and, as with their predecessor can function exactly as a normal bike when the motor is not being used to aid propulsion. They are a godsend to many who, either through age, physical ailments, lack of fitness or lack of practice would not normally be able to enjoy a cycling holiday. They also allow people with different degrees of physical fitness to appreciate the same fabulous adventures and make areas that would otherwise be inaccessible suddenly fall within the distance of a comfortable ride.

There are a good number of e-bike tours with that are sure to appeal to many. Europe has so many delights to discover and for those who thought their cycling days were behind them, use of an e-bike to lighten the workload could be like turning back time. An easier day in the saddle means you can spend more time gazing at the sensational views and taking in the clean air or simply just enjoy the feel of the warm sun on your face. Of course, the beauty of such a holiday is that you can still cycle when you want to, meaning you get the physical and mental benefits of exercising in the great outdoors but without having to risk overexertion.

One destination that is sure to get the endorphins flowing is Portugal’s rugged and beautiful Atlantic Coast. Wild beaches, spectacular rocky outcrops and unspoilt countryside make this part of the world a treat to those who value the tranquillity that nature in its rawest form can bring. Within easy reach of vibrant Lisbon (ideal as an add-on after your cycling adventure) it is surprisingly accessible whilst most of the cycling is relatively flat, meaning even without your electrical friend you should find the going manageable.

For lovers of Portugal there is another great option between Porto and the university town of Coimbra: more spectacular coastline, yet more fresh sea air and the allure of not one but two beguiling cities, both replete with magnificent architecture, culture and history. For those who enjoy birdlife there is the opportunity to see flamingos, purple heron, sandpipers and kingfishers, whilst of course wine lovers will be in heaven sampling the local produce, with vinho verde and of course Port being the tipples of choice. What’s more, with the motor able to take the strain, cycling after a large glass with lunch will be easier than you thought!

With great holidays also available in the Austrian Lakes, Puglia and southern Italy, the Swiss Lakes of the Jura region and many other bewitching parts of Europe, there is sure to be a cycling holiday that matches your interests. Wonderful hotels, fine food, magnificent views and splendid cycling routes come as standard and with an e-bike the holidays you thought were a thing of the past are a possibility once more.
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