What is a vanventure? Combine a VW van and adventure, and that's a vanventure. We packed up our 1989 vanagon and hit the road, picked up Kylie and Spencer in Portland, then explored the Oregon coastline together. It was a dream come true. We took turns taking pictures on certain days so I will share some highlights from our week long vanventure!
 Indian Beach

We have a few favorite beaches in Oregon that you have heard about before, and this time we finally made it to Indian Beach. You might remember it from the last scene in Point Break when Patrick Swayze surfs a gigantic wave, which was destined to be his last. (love that movie) Throughout the day there were small mellow waves for longboarding and better shortboard waves on the south side. The beach is huge and easy to access, so pack your picnic because you'll want to stay a while! 
 Cape Perpetua

Cape Perpetua is a forested headland that forms a steep bluff, jutting into the Pacific ocean. You can either hike by trail or stop at a look out point for some breathtaking 360 degree views. On a clear day you can see up to 70 miles of Oregon coastline. It is truly amazing. Definitely a must see if you find yourself traveling U.S. Route 101!
Giant Spruce

Cape Perpetua has several other fun things to offer including hiking trails and camping. The Giant Spruce trail is among one of them. This tree has been around for over 600 years and has a 40 foot base. It is surrounded by gorgeous fern and there's even a cute little tunnel in it that you can walk through. The state of Oregon now protects it because of its exceptional age and size for your viewing pleasure.
 Devil's Churn

 Devil's Churn is a long crack in the coastline that fills with water each time the waves come in, and sometimes it explodes with spouts of water when the waves collide. You can also find the Spouting Horn and Thor's Well nearby. These sites are basically salt water fountains and can be best seen around an hour before or after high tide. The water can get gnarly, so be careful. For more information stop by the visitor center and get a map, the options are endless!

Stay tuned for more posts about our vanventure!
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  1. You guys make me so jealous. The Oregon coastline is calling me.

  2. that van is just the cutest little thing

    xo The Egg

  3. i really want to make it to the oregon coast soon


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