The rivalry between Scotland’s two largest cities has seen both Edinburgh and Glasgow lock horns in a cultural war – both vying to outdo each other’s attractions and sights.  Whilst the capital of Edinburgh has more history, Glasgow packs a bigger punch for a weekend away. It’s easy to feel intimated by the jovial crowds within this bustling city, but bear in mind that the culture is simply a little different here; often the louder and more excitable you are, the better your mood is perceived by the locals. 

Good Eating
I’m not big on trying new things, I’m really not, but what could possibly go wrong when trying a traditional soup? I waited for a while in a small café admiring the handsome waiter, but as the ‘Cullen Skink’ was brought to my table I understood that there are some foods that won’t do you any favours if you’re hoping for a goodnight kiss! The Cullen Skinkis made up of three main ingredients: fish, potato and onion. Whilst the dish was beautifully seasoned and the texture was superb, it would be foolish to attempt it without a toothbrush or mints on hand.

Following on from the theme of potato and onions, Rumpledthumpsis another Glaswegian dish with a twist. Rumpledthumpsin its original state is made with leftover roast potatoes with onion and cabbage added to the mix; this concoction is then doused in a butter sauce, or cream. Although my palette decided that rich food was not entirely to its taste, I thoroughly enjoyed the dish and would recommend it as a side order or starter.
Sights and Sounds
One of the weirdest and yet fascinating sights that you can see within the city of Glasgow are the 350-million-year-old fossilised tree stumps that have been left exactly as they were found. The concept of looking at fossils may seem a little dull but think about it; by observing these ancient trees - you’re witnessing a direct link to the past when you were more likely to bump into a Tyrannosaurus Rex than a stray cat or fox.

Newark Castle is another must-see location! This 16th century castle is almost untouched by time and backs onto the river Clyde; the river provides a beautiful background and increases the majesty of this remarkable building – one of the best picnic spots in the city.

The Glaswegian Experience
The famous Glaswegian comedian Billy Connolly would have some heated competition if he returned to his hometown – the comedy clubs throughout Glasgow play host to some of the gut-bustingly funniest acts I’ve ever had the privilege to see.  I lost a whole evening and night in a single comedy club during my stay, after intending to go in just to get a glass of water.  These are popular venues for entire get-togethers so you can easily enjoy three course meals and rounds of drinks whilst watching the show – but be aware that Scottish comedy is rarely child friendly!

There was never a nicer venue for a shopping spree than Glasgow City; there are a number of shopping centres for you to choose from including the Buchanan Galleries and Princes Square shopping centre.  Shopping is an ideal activity for those of that are in need of a little retail therapyor some time for themselves; leave your spouse to one side whilst you enjoy a sensational shopping experience.  If your energy isn’t sapped by a day in the malls – Bedlam Paintball will see to it that you return home ready for bed!  This is a course with a real twist, we won’t spoil the surprise for you but if you’re ever in Glasgow – it’s a definite must.
Author:  Sarah Jane Fanning is a Marketing Consultant and an enthusiastic writer.  She spends a lot of her time working on her journals that recount her many adventures. When confined to London, Sarah spends her free time playing netball and dreaming of her next excursion.       

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  1. I'd love to see the tree stumps, it does sound weird but I would imagine it would feel timeless.

  2. Oh wow that sounds really interesting. I've been to Edinburgh already, but this post has really sold Glasgow to me! Might have to nip up some time soon!


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