Kylie, Megan and Lisa circa 1990

Summer days as a tot were spent with trucks in hand and going on fun walks with mumsy and poppio. We'd play outside until the sun went down, whether it was creating make believe lands or playing with our Barbies in the grass it was always together. The boys (our brothers) would chase us and we'd probably giggle up a storm in our matching jean vests until they made us cry with irritation.

The thing about being a triplet is we have a tendency to follow the leader. What one does, all do. The person making all the rules changes each day, but it's almost as if we're wired to do the same things and we naturally end up being alike but in our own clever way. Even today we find ourselves buying the same shirts without ever knowing it, and it's not until we send a picture message that we realize we're wearing it on the same day. There's definitely a deeper connection than we know how to explain. Sisters really are the best thing ever.

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3 comments on FREAKY FRIDAY

  1. i still love that picture of you in the matchy shirts. that's just so crazy!


  2. such a lovely memory. i love that photo of you guys in matching t-shirt

  3. Oh wow, love special to be a triplet!


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