Being a triplet is awesome because you always have two best friends. But what's even more awesome is that our husbands have become quite the trio themselves! It was so cute watching them all hanging out like three peas in a pod while we were at our family reunion in Oregon. I guess they have no choice because they married triplets. So when we are together as sisters, you can find them together as brother in laws just a few steps away.

Let me tell ya, they know how to have fun. You wouldn't believe the shenanigans they pulled while we were in Oregon. Us three would be up late talking and giggling about who knows what, and the boys would be throwing rocks at our window and sneaking up the stairs to give us a fright after a midnight dip in the freezing ocean. Silly boys. I'm just grateful we are all homies, thank the heavens.

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3 comments on FREAKY FRIDAY

  1. So cute, you all look wonderful together :) It's great that you all get along so well!

  2. That is so amazing that you have such a great group to enjoy vacations together.


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