I don't know about you, but Ireland has been calling my name since I saw P.S. I Love You (such a good movie, by the way). Today we have the help of a few experts on places to see when visiting Ireland, and now they've got me dreaming up ways to get myself to these historically awesome places before I get too old to climb the stairs.

A Weekend in Limerick: Top Attractions to Include
Over recent years, the Irish city of Limerick has really come into its own as a holiday destination,providing plenty of attractions to ensure that any visitor’s itinerary is jam packed. As Ireland’s first designated City of Culture, you can guarantee plenty of cultural treats to keep you busy, while the city’s vibrancy continues into the evening, where you can sample delicious cuisine, trendy bars and comfortable pubs ensuring that your enjoyment of the city continues beyond nightfall.
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The city has come a long way since its Angela’s Ashes days and with these top attractions, you can see for yourself just how much Limerick has transformed itself.
King John’s Castle
Immerse yourself in the history of Limerick by making a visit to its iconic castle. Situated on the shore of the River Shannon, this 13th century stronghold has recently undergone a colossal renovation costing over £6million and showcases over 800 years of Limerick and Irish history, including a brand new visitor experience, touch screen technology and re-enacted scenes from the 17th century siege.

Hunt Museum
A veritable treasure trove can be found beyond the unassuming doors of the Hunt Museum, with antiquities housed including the Antrim Cross, works by Picasso and a substantial Irish medieval collection, including the O’Dea Mitre and Crozier.

The Treaty Stone
Limerick’s most famous monument which got its name from the Treaty of Limerick, can be found in Clancy’s Strand and while it will only take a few minutes out of your day to see, it’s well worth doing so.

During your stay, be sure to check the listingat the University Concert Hall, because you may be able to catch a live show or recital, while Cruises Street and the Arthurs Quay shopping centre are ideal for a spot of retail therapy.
If you have time, cram in the Angela’s Ashes Walking Tour to experience the city in a different light and, most of all, enjoy your time in the Irish City of Culture 2014.
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  1. Just "stopped by" Ireland for a few days on our way to Romania. Wonderful! Love all the flowers on the streets, wish I could get them to grow in towers in my back yard!

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  2. I loved Ireland when I went there last year. I loved the west coast seaside towns the most. The people were so cheary and sweet. I can't wait to go back!

  3. Thanks for the great tips! I will be traveling to Ireland in November! Can't wait.

  4. Ireland has been calling my name for some time now. Hope to get there someday! Loved that movie also.

  5. Nice blog, Ireland is on my list as well!
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