Gotta long flight? Wear something warm that you can peel off easily, or cave and get that silly pillow! No one is judging you! Bring your own headphones to listen to music on your phone or watch movies, and cards or something to entertain yourself (we won't judge you if you bring your tiny flip skateboard). I always make sure to have a good book or a favorite magazine, and sometimes I get wild and splurge and buy something I wouldn't usually buy like People to catch up on the worthless celebrity gossip. Your favorite snack is always a good idea, and of course snag a water bottle to keep your tummy calm (mine always gets upset when flying). Get up every few hours to stretch your legs or take a potty break. Watch a movie and enjoy the flight!

Traveling in time? Things can get really confusing when you have a long flight and a lot of time changes... I've had times where I got on a plane at night and then woke up after a short nap to the sunset only to go into yet another deep sleep... and then suddenly cross an invisible border and see the sun rise again (flying to China was ever-so-confusing, haha). When you finally arrive to your destination stay up as long as you possibly can. If you are terribly sleepy, avoid driving. If you can't fight the urge to fall asleep then try to limit your nap to 1-2 hours. Any longer you will wake up super confused! Eat meals at the time the country you are visiting eats- not when you typically eat. Go outside and surround yourself with activity and people to keep you stimulated. If you are going somewhere that is asleep when you are typically awake, try to go to sleep. If you can't sleep it might be fun to explore and watch the sun rise, but you will likely crash the next day. If this happens make sure you crash at a beach or somewhere awesome.

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  1. haha i loved this. such good tips sister!

  2. Thanks again for all the helpful tips! Haha, I've been going back and forth on splurging on a neck pillow. I usually tough it out but... 28 hours of flying makes me think it's happening. ;)

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