Destination: Kelly's Whitewater Park / Location: Cascade, Idaho / Activity: camping and river surfing 

We love going to Cascade. Cascade is located two hours away from Boise in the west central part of Idaho. Our grandparents own a cabin on west mountain with a gorgeous view of the lake and mountains. Sometimes when we need a change of scenery we go up there to camp, fish, and river surf. 

There are a few things that change about activities like this when you have a baby. One, babies require more packing- diapers, food, extra change of clothes, car seat, baby carrier, etc. Two, you have to take turns watching baby. Say goodbye to the days of doing things together and say hello to doing things at a bit slower pace. And three, well everything just seems a lot more fun with a baby around. Nothing beats seeing the world through a fresh pair of eyes!

My family likes to check out Kelly's Whitewater Park in Cascade for a different wave to surf other than our home wave in Boise's River Park. This one is bigger and faster, and surrounded by amenities to make on-lookers more comfortable. We love how nice it has become since it was first built. The last time we went my brother joined us which meant I didn't have to watch Van, and either did my husband. Finally, I got the chance to learn how to river surf.

Honestly, I had gotten comfortable thinking I wasn't going to try it. I have seen so many guys try river surfing and rarely any get up. It takes a lot of practice! Despite my nerves I put on my wetsuit and without any direction my husband pushed me into the whitewater. Before I had time to think instinct kicked in and I paddled my heart out until I was in the wave. It didn't last long and I didn't get up, but I could feel the power of the river rushing underneath my surfboard. As soon as I fell off and reached the surface again I was what seemed halfway down the river swimming against the current for dear life. What an epic experience. Certainly did make me appreciate river surfers who make it look easy.

Are you land locked like me? There are surfable waves in more places than you imagined. The most popular one is located in Munich, Germany where people have been surfing since the 70s. A river surfer can face up-stream and catch the wave and have the feeling of traveling fast over water while not actually moving. There's nothing like it. 
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4 comments on CASCADE

  1. River surfing, eh? I think I would be just as nervous to attempt that as well! Your lil' man is so sweet! Looks like a great trip!

  2. Cool pics! I like your baby-feeding setup there. He's too cute.

  3. Looks stunning! And river surfing must be so much fun!

  4. Cool shots -- especially love the river surfing pic ALOHA! Keep surfing Cascade


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