MAUI WOWIE! If you haven't quite caught on yet, Chase and I took off to Maui yesterday! And I'm pretty sure for the past two weeks I've been saying nothing but, "I can't wait for Maui wowie!" AT LAST our summer vacation has arrived. The last getaway Chase and I took together for pleasure was to the Bahamas for our honeymoon. So we decided it was time for some more paradise exploring.

Luckily, island hopping between the islands is very inexpensive! Since Chase and I already live on Oahu, we found two tickets to Maui roundtrip totaling around $300! BARGAIN! Check out Mokulele Airlines HERE. It's not a bad idea to hit up more than one island when vacationing to Hawaii. Why not get a taste of it all?

If you are curious as to where we will be staying, here's a HINT. We hope to be getting a rental car while there to check out the beloved Hana and their black sand beaches. Resorts are beautiful, but exploring is unbeatable. More on Maui to come!

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  1. Getting a rental car to do the Road to Hana is definitely worth it! Make sure you make it to the end to the pools - it was my favorite part of Maui!


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