The husband got me a romantic beach stay in Westport, Washington for my birthday! He must have known I've been itching to go somewhere. We'll be surfing along the west coast for a few days and I can't wait to breathe in that fresh ocean air again. Camping is on the docket until we reach our destination in Washington. 

This got me to thinking... now that I have a baby I actually have to plan ahead. So I came up with a list of items that will make life a little bit easier for all of us, especially baby Van. Aside from the obvious diaper bag necessities every baby needs, these are items I have found most useful in my traveling with a baby so far. Give or take some items according to your trip, but this guide can work for traveling by plane, car, and camping.
Travel with a Baby Essentials
GoCrib: The Guava Family GoCrib is awesome! It packs nicely into a backpack that makes it easy to travel with. When you get to the beach or your camp spot, simply pump it up and lay down the pad and voila! Your baby has somewhere to crash. This is also great to have when you're visiting distant friends or family. I also included the sunshade (sold separately) that you see in green. This makes the GoCrib sort of like a tent and protects your little one from the sun, rain, wind, bugs, and from eating sand.

Sleepy sheep: Once I turn this guy on, my little man is fast asleep. It works like magic! Van prefers the soothing sounds of ocean waves for bedtime and gentle stream for naps. There is also a spring showers and whale songs setting, each useful for calming your baby when traveling. Fits perfectly into your diaper bag or suitcase and is easy to clip onto your car seat, stroller, or crib.

Car seat: Duh. If you're road tripping this doesn't really have to leave the car and if you're flying it's good to have your car seat for when you reach your destination. Child safety first!

Blanket: A light blanket is always nice to have to keep your baby warm or just for protection from sun or wind. Who knows, it might come in handy to hide your hooties if you find yourself needing to nurse in public! Why not make it the trendiest *cough, most expensive* blanket on the market.

Favorite toy: Sophie the giraffe has made quite the impression on babies across the world. She was perfectly designed for a teething baby. Babies love to grab her long neck and legs and nah on her until their sore gums content. She also makes a fun toy to drool on.

Soothie: Soothies are perfect for plane rides when changing elevation. It's important for your little one to have something to suck on to prevent painful ears. Nobody wants to be that guy with the crying baby! Soothies also come in handy as a mute button.

Bumbo: The bumbo is a great substitute for a high chair and fits nicely in a car or tent. Obviously if you are flying this is not a necessity. My baby is almost 5 months and recently started eating solids. The bumbo and tray (sold separately) will come in handy when we are camping and making frequent pit stops for feeding time. Easy to clean, too.

Baby carrier: If you have a little toddler it may become necessary to haul around a stroller, but with an infant a baby carrier will do the trick and save you some room in the suitcase! I love this thing. My wrap is exactly like the designer brands you may have heard of, like Lulu or Solly, but half the price. Check it out on Etsy here. Comes with directions and there are several tutorials on YouTube for how to wrap this thing. Once I figured it out I was a free woman!

Remember, traveling with a baby is possible- it just takes some planning. Good luck!
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  1. i'll for sure be coming back to this when i'm preggo. thanks for sharing, meg!

  2. Awesome info. Thx for sharing. Keep in mind that in most cities you can rent baby equipment. Probably not what you would do while camping... but certainly in a hotel or grandma's house.

  3. this is helpful, love it sis. and glad you like your moby wrap! xo


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