Dads are truly the best. We love our dad more than anything in this world. He provided for us in a million different ways and growing up we never felt neglected of anything. Our dad believed in us, supported us, and always played with us. We cherished our daddy-daughter time and grew up snuggling and eating chocolate malt balls late at night playing spelling games in bed. As we grew older and moved from Barbies to boys, he was there to be the brave protective papa bear, always making sure his daughters were taken care of.

We love this daddy video put on by Oral B, and were stoked to see that our poppio and Meggie made an appearance! Keep your eyes peeled their appearance at 0:50! We love you, dad! Have the best Father's Day, because you deserve it. You are loved. You are cherished. You are ours forever and ever.

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2 comments on HAPPY FATHER'S DAY!

  1. I love this sweet post. And oh my gosh that oral b commercial is so sweet! I clicked it before I read the rest of the blog and was more than surprised to see Megan in it?! How did that come to be?

  2. LOVE our dad. he really is the best. xo


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