kids ran freely, but very decidedly as when the temperatures rise so high they take care not to waste their energy. each takes its turn at the pump, and with an upward downward motion the littles bounce on their tip toes as they try to keep rhythm. they're curious beings, always staring into our foreign faces with questioning eyes. everywhere we went, a pack of children followed and we dropped pieces of candy to dusty hands and watched as they quickly unwrapped the taffy, popping it into their mouths in a matter of seconds.

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3 comments on HAITI ON A HOT DAY

  1. Love the bright painted buildings! I remember the homes in a small town in Belize being painted in pastels, multiple colors on each home. Loved it. :)

    And Kylie, I love thinking of you giving those children pieces of taffy...a sweet treat that I'm sure lifted their spirits. xo

  2. It's great that shelters like this are painted so brightly - imagine if they did that in places like England; I think there would be far more smiles going around!

    1. i couldn't agree more, england can def use some color ;) besides all their beautiful green rolling hills!!


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