Bridger feeding one of us when we were first born May 1988

With Father's Day this weekend, our minds turn to our papas. We love our dad to the moon and back, and I can't help but reflect on how fathers learn to be good fathers. Hopefully, if we're lucky, we get to learn how to be parents from our own parents. Growing up we had older brothers who took care of us - they bottle fed us as newborns, played with us as toddlers, and protected us as teenagers. They learned how to love, watch over, and support their little sisters from our dad. 

Dad taught our brothers how to be dads, and now we have their incredible examples to look up to for fatherhood as well. It's pretty special to see 6-year old Bridger feeding a newborn taking the time and effort to learn how to care for another human being. Love that love. Love our families, love our fathers.

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