Today I felt like sharing a little tid bit 
on each of us as a tot, 
and how it influenced us as an adult.  
So prepare yourselves, 
it's about to get real in here.

When I think of Kylie as a little girl one thing automatically comes to mind. Horses, hah! You see, when Ky was little she was absolutely obsessed with horses. All her friends were cowgirls and she always wore a cowgirl hat. She wanted to be a cowgirl so bad, I cannot even emphasize enough. She even sketched a picture of a bucking bronco and submitted it for a contest and won our entire family free tickets to the local rodeo. Wahoo what a memory. And lets not forget the time she got ran over by a charging pony. Don't worry, her friend's parents felt so bad they bought her cool sandals and took her to the local water park to make up for it.  Needless to say, Megan and I were jealous. Now to 2013. Although her love for horses is still in her, we never had one growing up. So as an adult she has transferred that love for horses to a love for all animals, currently her chameleon Gary. Kylie loves to love, especially when it's a cute and furry (or scaly) pet who calls nature home, just like her. 

It's kind of awkward to write about myself as a tot, but since I am the author of this post, here I go. If my sisters beg to differ, I apologize, you can make your edits via comments below (hehe). I suppose I have a reputation for being the bravest triplet. I'm not so sure this makes me brave, but as a child I decided to dip into athletics before the others. A bold move for a triplet, doing something on her own. In third grade I started playing soccer and fell in love with it. My sisters didn't decide to join in on the fun till 8th grade. I later joined basketball in 5th grade alongside my sisters. There was something about having something that I could call "mine" that made me feel special. Clearly, soccer isn't "mine," but in my eyes as a child it was. And I like to remind my sisters of that, I guess it's the inner bully in me (wink). Now to 2013. Not that soccer was my world, by all means it was not. But I continued to play through college, although just intramural leagues and competitive. I am sad to say my skills have greatly depleted, which leads me to say . . . my glory days are over (hah). But forever and always, I will be a very competitive person and find pleasure in winning (eek!).

Just look at her face, she is so sweet! Megan holds a special place in my heart full of sisterly love. Something that I can't really explain. Kylie does too, don't get me wrong. But I feel like Megan is someone I just want to protect and keep safe. Kylie is a lot more like me, so we have a good time butting heads from time to time. But Megan has always just been the heart melter and Kylie would agree. You see, as a child Megan was always smiling and giggling with her "many" friends. She was one of those little girls who at recess would sit on the merry-go-round with her girly friends to decide what color of shirt they would all wear the next day. Then they would pass notes during class, decked out with pretty Lisa Frank stickers to remind each other of their plan signed with a BFF at the end. She has always been creative and had an eye for fashion. Now to 2013. From her adorable baby boy Van that melts just about everybody's heart, to her awesome creativity and driven entrepreneurship with Feral and Le Parcel. She's definitely a mind blower.

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3 comments on FREAKY FRIDAY

  1. I loved this post! You guys are the sweetest sisters. I'm so intrigued by multiples (I've been praying for my own my whole life!)

  2. This is beautiful, and SO reflects your personalities!


  3. I really loved reading this post! All three of you girls are just beautiful. Having sisters is such a beautiful thing! :)


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