Destination: Carneys / Location: Studio City, CA  / Food: Burgers, Fries, Hot Dogs / Cost: $
Carneys is awesome because A) it's on a train, and B) it's a real train. Nothing screams a better date night than dinner on a train. Get your all-American fix at Carneys, and order a milkshake while you're at it. They also throw on jalapenos to your burgers which a girl like me loooooves!

Destination: Woodlands Indian Cuisine / Location: Chatsworth, CA / Food: Indian / Cost: $$

Not only is Woodlands run by some of the nicest people, but it's also incredibly delicious. They have a buffet where you can scoop up as much of as many different dishes as you so desire, and also a menu to order special dishes from. I was able to go back in the kitchen and watch them make me a gigantic and tasty crepe. 

Destination: 94th Aero Squadron / Location: Van Nuys, CA / Food: Steakhouse / Cost: $$

If you're not sure what you're craving, 94th Aero Squadron will have plenty for you to decide, ranging from a delicious steak or juicy burger to a simple homemade veggie pasta or fish and chips. They even have shrimp! They've kinda-sorta-got-it all. The best catch is this restaurant is on an airstrip, a tiny little airport for private jets and planes in Van Nuys where you get to watch them take off and land as you gobble up your dinner plate. Awesome. The restaurant has a good home-y vibe, too and it makes you wanna hop on a plane and get your wanderlust on!

Destination: The Foundry / Location: Downtown Los Angeles / Food: American / Cost: $$$
The Foundry is a ballin' restaurant, as I like to call it. Chef Eric Greener once won Iron Chef some years back and has since opened several restaurants throughout LA. They don't only do typical American dishes like the amazing apple-jack (grilled cheese with an apple glaze...to die for!) but they also flaunt amazing seafood dishes and a pretty snazzy nightlife bar with live music. It's nice sitting outside on the patio and enjoying the temperate LA weather while downing a glass of fresh lemonade and the most incredible grilled cheese sammy you'll ever have. 

Images shot by Kylie for her professional work.
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  1. ok this all looks so yummy! the train and burgers! so darling! what a fun places to eat!

  2. Yum, yum, yummy! Everything looks so good, what awesome experiences!! :)


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