Activity: Cliff Jumping / Destination: Laie Point (Oahu, Hawaii) 

What's your style when jumping off a huge cliff? Do you prefer to go the safe route with the pencil dive or get crazy with a back flip aerial? Personally, I prefer to jump exactly like my friend did in the second photo, low-risk and still fun! I leave the crazy stuff to the boys. 

The point is a gorgeous scenic overlook providing the perfect place for picnics, photo taking and to those who dare, cliff jumping. I've done it a couple times and the worst part is climbing out. You have to time the wave and grasp onto the rock while the tide is still high. Sometimes the waves will pull you back down a little bit so you have to move fast! The rocks are really poky so watch your step as you climb back up. Overall, nothing beats a good thrill while flying through the air. Definitely give it a go, even if it's just once. It's worth it just to say you did!

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