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So as you may have noticed from our instagram, Kylie has moved to Hawaii! Although temporary for Kylie's husband's summer job, I am stoked to have them here through the end of July! She arrived Wednesday and ever since we have been playing in the sun and gettin' our summer on! It has been decided, Hawaii is the triplets favorite place on earth.

Saturday we spent the afternoon at Sunset Park BBQ'ing with friends and playing frisbee. There is something about grilling ka-bobs, hot dogs, and burgers that welcomes summer like nothing else can. Don't you think? And not to mention great company and good conversation. After everyone stuffed their bellies, the beach was calling our names! So across the street we walked to Pipeline, one of my favorite beaches. There we basked in the sun like a bunch of lizards, body surfed, spear fished, and collected sea shells. As the day went on and friends began to head home, we ended the day with yummy North Shore Tacos and a nice evening surf session at Sunset beach. What says A L O H A better than that! 

PS // 
Meggie love, we miss you dearly. Life is not the same without you :) In our every thought!

PSS //
HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM! We love you and are so glad you were born today _ _  years ago ;)! You are the best mom in the world and we just wouldn't be us without you. You are the most beautiful mom ever and know we are thinking of you and love you. xoxo.

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2 comments on ALOHA

  1. oh to move to hawaii...i agree - i think that would just be the best thing ever. holla to north shore tacos!!!!! mmmmmm.

  2. how fun to have 2 out of the 3 in one place.
    and in hawaii no less!

    xo the egg out west.


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