Living in Hawaii, I am frequently asked, "We are going on vacation to Oahu, where should we stay?" And here is my answer to everyone, the NORTH SHORE! Nowhere else people, trust me. The north shore is by far the best side of the island, and not to mention most beautiful.

Trying to avoid fancy resorts or touristy hotels for the slow pace oceanside bungalow? Fulfill your Hawaiian dreams by checking out vacation rentals by owner (VRBO). Through this website, you can rent adorable beach cottages through local owners. Nothing can beat that. My parents use this site to book a place every time they visit the island, and find nothing but cute beach bungalows with killer views. I mean, what is better than being steps from the sand, eating dinner on a lanai, and watching the surfers day in and day out. Nothing I tell you. Check this site out if you're planning on coming to Hawaii anytime soon! You'll thank me later.

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4 comments on VRBO

  1. I totally agree. We stayed on Waikiki in December, and while it was super fun, it was also super "Vegas on the beach". We're staying on the North Shore next time, no question.

  2. hey now! we stayed on ko olina (we got a killer deal on a condo and couldn't pass it up) and just drove over to the north shore basically every day. ha! so yes - i guess i agree, the north shore is where it's at. but our fancy condo pool/man-made beach was pretty nice too ;)

    1. Don't get me wrong, those are nice too and I'm sure was amazing. I just can help but me a little bias ;) plus north shore is just more my vibe. All depends on preference and personality, no big!

  3. yes! I love the North Shore! Also, sailing in waimea bay!!


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