As soon as I landed in California we were ready for lunch! Kylie took us to one of her favorite local places to eat, Manhattan Pizzeria. The owners are very friendly and they often exchange stories of their son, who you can find pictures of plastered on the wall, and baby Van that Aunt Ky loves so much.

After making our order we were eager to sit down and catch up on each other's lives. We passed baby Van to Uncle Spence and Aunt Ky over a large hot pizza with pineapples and jalapeƱos- both me and Kylie's favorites. Each piece was washed down with a cold glass of good ol' fashioned Root Beer. Long after the pizza was gone we continued to visit in the laid back atmosphere, surrounded by beach art and colorful paintings. 

Manhattan Pizzeria is located right up the street from Manhattan Beach pier. With a menu ranging from pizza, pasta and calzones to burgers, hot wings, subs and salads- lunch here can't be beat. Manhattan Pizzeria has great reviews on Yelp with an affordable price range. It's the perfect place to eat after a nice long day at the beach, go check it out!
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