What sounds good for lunch today?

I love to eat at local places when I can because let's face it, 
Blimpies can get old even though they still make my mouth water. 

Here in downtown Boise there's a fun little hole in the wall called Pie Hole. 
Located on 8th street, you can get pizza by the slice and they are huge! 
Each pizza is made right in front of you by the most hip people in Idaho. (you'll see)

This was one of our favorite places to eat growing up when we visited Boise.
Not sure if it's because Pie Hole was the only place we knew about, 
but either way it'll hold you over if you only have a few bucks in your pocket.
Want something less greasy?

Well I just discovered this amazing family owned place near BSU campus.
It's called Tree City Juice and Smoothie Cafe, and mmm mmm is it good! 
They like to keep it real healthy and serve coffee, wraps, paninis, and smoothies
using wholesome and natural ingredients with real fruit and no added sugar. 
They stand behind their motto, "Don't put junk in your trunk!"

The pizza panini is my favorite and every smoothie I have tried so far was delicious.
I want to eat at Tree City Juice every day it's that tasty. Plus I feel good after eating here,
which is hard to find at a place quick enough for your lunch break. 
So there ya go, somewhere for the pizza lovin' fools and health conscious people.
Now I'm gonna go eat some lunch before the milk monster wakes up.
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  1. Oh that pizza panini looks delish!

  2. okay i love that you posted about these places, because even though i grew up in Meridian, i never ventured far to find cool places like these. i am definitely going to stop by for a bite when we visit home! :)

  3. We (my little family) is moving to Phoenix in a month... any idea of some good places to eat/fun things to do in that city? Any of you three ladies been or know of a blogger living there right now? We want to try all the yummy dives/hikes/waterslides/etc.

    1. hi alyssa! we really don't know much about phoenix... my husband grew up in gilbert, AZ so he might know something but the best way to get that info would be to have a guest poster write about it. best of luck with your move!


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