Kylie is coming home from Haiti tomorrow! She has emailed us some amazing stories already, and we can't wait to share them with you when she returns. Until then, here is her Spark notes version:

1. They eat mud cookies. Cookies made out of mud.
2. Everyone is super ripped. What on earth? Amazing genes.
3. Beautiful French...hard to understand.
4. I ran into a glass window. Couldn't see it at all. So funny.
5. Never felt so hot...ever.
6. Feeling so blessed, and so humbled - and definitely more now than ever.


Thank you all for your votes in the Big Blog Exchange! We appreciate it and are so grateful for your support and enthusiasm for travel! We are sad to say, we were not one of the sixteen blogs selected. But, life goes on and we will never stop exploring. To those who won, good luck and have fun!

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2 comments on HAITI

  1. These are such lovely photos! I hope to visit Haiti someday too.

    Spark Note Number 2 is hilarious! :))
    Spark Note Number 6 is the best.


  2. so envious of your travels girls.keep it up i say!

    dreaming is believing


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