Kylie, Megan, Lisa (we know because of the blankets) circa 1990-ish

Sometimes in life ya just get all tuckered out. So tuckered out, in fact, that you can't even make it to the bedroom let alone the bed. This was a common scene in the Fly household growing up. We played so hard in mama's room with our dollies and shoes and crashed before we could be discovered. Child's pose in yoga was quite accurately named, dontchathink? Have a relaxing weekend, and take a nap!

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3 comments on FREAKY FRIDAY

  1. that picture is classic. love it! happy weekend triplets!

  2. This picture makes me so happy! I love taking unplanned naps. I actually am in the library and supposed to be working a paper but fell asleep instead for an hour in one of their chairs!

  3. Haha oh I love it! This seems like me and my sisters :)


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