5 things you didn't know about us
1. we were bald for a very, very long time. 
2. kylie once ate bugs to entertain our french cousins. dang language barrier.
3. we are tv show junkies. anyone else team damon? (hott)
4. our brothers used to call us ice-cream nazis because we ate it every night. miss those days.
5. combined we have traveled to 29 countries... and counting.

what are your 5 things?

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4 comments on FREAKY FRIDAY

  1. I was bald until I was like 2, don't feel bad. Maybe thats the case with curly hair?

  2. wow, 29 countries! freaking awesome. between husband and i, we've been to somewhere around 13ish?? that's still cool right?! haha. we have SUCH a long list of places to still go to. once that travel bug hits ya... ;)


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