Activity: Hiking / Destination: Crouching Lion / Location: Kaaawa, HI (Oahu) / Duration: 2-3 hours

Can you spy the crouching lion in the first picture? It's a profile view, you can see his ears, mane, and teeth pretty well! This hike is absolutely g-o-r-g-e-o-u-s! The trailhead is marked by pink tape in the trees, just off the side of the Kamehameha Highway in Kaaawa. You can also find great directions on Yelp, as linked above. The first 10 minutes or so, you are trudging straight up a hill through the jungle. Then you come to a summit, where you will have the most breathtaking view of the entire Kahana Valley. You will continue to climb the narrow ridge line, scaling a few rocks here and there, and getting an awesome workout. My friends and I stopped at the first stopping point, about an hour in a half up. If you decide to hike the entire hike, plan on a good six hours total. Totally up to you!

Be prepared on this hike by dressing properly and bringing some snacks. If you do half like we did, wear stretchy pants or shorts and a tank top, it gets toasty! I wore jean shorts, bad idea! Don't do that because you find yourself climbing boulders straight up more than once, and your legs need to be able to stretch and reach for safe rocks. If you do the entire hike, long pants and sleeves are recommended because there will be some serious trekking through the jungle. Be sure to also where good hiking boots or sneakers with good traction, all closed toed. Don't forget a small back pack with water and granola bars or trail mix. Other than that, get out and enjoy this beautiful hike! But beware, there are cliffs and mild rock climbing, so make sure you aren't afraid of heights!

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2 comments on CROUCHING LION

  1. looks gorgeous! i wish i knew about it when we were just there a few weeks ago dangit! next time :)

  2. We accidently did the six hour version... Holy cow it was difficult to not say gobs of swear words by the end :) You're spot on though, breath taking and beautiful! Until the jungle craziness of course. That's it's own story!


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